1st International Social Science Road Symposium

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A few words on the "road"...

The adventure of man and humanity in the world has always started on a road. Jaspers describes this situation in terms of philosophy as: "philosophy is being on the road." Being on the road is a state of being fully in life with everything. Man is always on the road, in a state of the road. Man is either at the beginning, middle or end of the road. What matters here is a movement rather than time and space itself; the destination does not matter. Because reaching the goal ends the road, and the end of the road ends life.

For this reason, what is essential at this stage is not the end of the road we will reach, but the stops on the way and the road itself. Indeed, man is always in a specific situation in life. This is either the beginning, the middle or the end of the road. Of course, it is possible for a person not to know the situation, but it is impossible not to have been in any situation. Therefore, the philosopher talks about the existence and the state of existence, the psychologist talks about the state of the personality, the sociologist talks about the social situation, the historian talks about the historical situation, and the man of letters talks about the state of the word. If this situation stands as an impenetrable wall against researchers, then it becomes a border situation. This can only be overcomed by existence, that is, by a new road.

Being on the road means producing culture and civilization through knowledge, science, art and literature. In this respect, the road primarily represents people, culture, and civilization, the "word". Considering this situation, we have determined the theme of Erzurum Technical University Faculty of Letters 1st International Social Sciences symposium as "Road" on this path we have embarked on. We aim to pave the way for ourselves and our future and to be one of the pioneers on the way.

The word road is one of the wealthiest concepts in Turkish. From the word road, one knows many words and ways such as road, passenger, journey, comrade, runner, traveller's inn, road stop, road breaker, when the road is near, making a way, taking the road, crossing the road, connect the way, find the way, lead the way, show the way, cut the way, be the way, keep the way, give way, make the way, make the way, look at the way, get on the way, get on the way, get on the way Many idioms have been derived such as being on the road, hitting the road, laying on the road, getting off the road, going off the road, staying off the road, falling on the road, falling on the road, putting it on the road and finding the way. These words and idioms generally emphasize a human condition in the world, namely his existence and existence.

The road is expedition, emigration, migration, travel and homelessness; according to its place, it is soil, tree, night, day, suffering, effort, method, birth, death according to its location. There is a way, a journey, a change and development against something and a situation in all of them. According to this, a person is on the road no matter what situation man is in, and there is a positive change in being on the road. Being on the path is spiritual, intellectual and physical change, development, spiritual and material renewal. Man has been moving towards places since the day he existed. To move and to live is to be on the road. Although, the important thing is to be on the path to the truth. The goal on the road to truth is to reach the knowledge of the highest good, to be free. To be free is to have access to the knowledge of the truth. In other words, it is a transition from the state of stay to the state of the state. In this process, the main thing is not the end of the road, but the journey of a person's life and where he is walking. However, in order to walk on the road, one must know the road. Knowing the way is through science, philosophy, and art, falling in love with wisdom. A person aware of the path walked no longer worries about the future, and he looks to the future with hope even if he is in poverty.

The path that man is in is endless. Because this is the way of science and philosophy, of the suffering person, all of us, all of humanity, social sciences are travellers of this path. This road has no end, and it stretches to infinity. In this respect, being on the road in any situation is an adventure. We only must be on the road and to be on the road in search of it. Even if we cannot find what we are looking for, it is just a deliberate search. Jaspers expresses this situation again in terms of philosophy: "Philosophy is being on the road; To settle nowhere is a constant adventure. Philosophy is placelessness and homelessness; It is an unrelenting nomad. Philosophy never reaches its home. Philosophy is just seeking; it is to seek even though you cannot find what you are looking for. Philosophy cannot reach the truth; it is always destined to be lacking."

Therefore, how would you esteemed social scientists go on this journey with us?